Window Hlp To Rtf  V8.0 Overview

Windows HLP To RTF ( HLP To Word) is a tool to convert Windows Help files (*.hlp) to Rtf format files directly. With this tool, you can make a specification of an application from the *.hlp files. Split the output into several RTF files.

It can combine Word 97/2000/XP to process the Rtf files, you can edit, print or convert to other format that you want. What you should do with using it is just to select a *.hlp files and determine the output folder! Windows HLP To RTF 2010 provides some useful options to fit your specific demands.

If you don’t want to spend more time, or engage more programmers to implement these tools, Windows HLP To RTF 2010 can help you.



  • High Performance- it run faster now
  • Powerful options for convert
  • Print .hlp file through .rtf file
  • Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003
  • Split the output into several RTF files
  • Generate all source files: generate all source files of the hlp files. You can use some HLP generate tools to create the original HLP file
  • Generate a single RTF file with page breaks: the RTF file will keep the original format with page breaks.
  • Generate a single RTF file without page breaks: the RTF file will get rid of the page breaks and looks compact
  • Generate a single content (*.CNT) file: generate * .CNT content file


  • Printing Help Files – Windows HLP to RTF’s greatest strength: As you know, Windows HLP To RTF is designed to convert .hlp file to rtf file, then you can print same quality of documentation without losing any content.
  • Recompilable Help projects: an added benefit for developers and serious users. Windows HLP To RTF provides not just the ability to generate more flexible RTF output for printing and document storage, but also allows you to generate a completely recompilable Help project, complete with all text, formatting, jumps, graphics, keywords, secondary windows and more, exactly as the original author intended them to appear.




Download and Try it


System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP /  2000
  • At least 20 MB hard disk space
  • At least 512 MB memory



License for single computer – USD$34.95 Now Only $19.95


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