Windows HLP To RTF 2010 (Convert HLP To RTF)

Q: What should I do before Convert HLP File?
A: Select the hlp file and output folder, then windows hlp to rtf will convert it for you.

Q: How I can get Win95’s cnt file?
A: Ok,

Q: How I convert hlp to . htm or .doc file?
A: After convert to .rtf file using windows hlp to rtf, you can user Microsoft Office Word open it and save as .htm or .doc, i      it is free 100%.


VbSMS (Send SMS Via Mobile or GSM-Modem)

Q: What should I do before use this ocx in VB6?
A: Don’t do anything, open sample.vbp only.

Q: How I can get ocx/s sourcecode?
A: Ok, please purchase site license with full sourcecode, it is $99only.


Q: I am software download site, how can I get your software description file (PAD File)?

A: This is our software’s pad file links:


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